Leegate Redevelopment Working Group

The Group was set up by Lee Green Assembly in October 2012 when St Modwen, the owners of Leegate began to consult local people on their much-delayed plans for the Centre in 2012. The group broadly welcomed the fact that, after many years of decline, there are firm proposals afoot to redevelop the Leegate Shopping Centre. A number of meetings have been held with St Modwen and one meeting also included their preferred partner in the development, ASDA. The group still has serious concerns about the proposals which do not appear to deliver the wished-for mix of retail, housing and other activities in a vibrant community hub.

However, as of January 2014, there are signs that St Modwen is rethinking its plans for Leegate to take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a centre that delivers both St Modwen's commercial goals and residents' broader community and social aspirations. The Working Group's concerns focus on:
  1. The overwhelming scale of the proposed superstore, leading to the loss of much-valued public space in the shape of the passageway and reduction in the size of the square.
  2. The traffic impact of a second superstore (alongside Sainsbury's) at Lee Green crossroads.
  3. The failure to include a meaningful amount of housing.
  4. The failure to devise a comprehensive scheme for the whole site with the result that the most prominent feature, the corner office/retail block will remain (though with a modern cladding).
There is now some hope that at least the last two points are now under consideration and we all look forward to seeing St Modwen's revised plans in due course. The Group's views are underpinned by Council planning policies as set down in Lewisham's Core Strategy Development Plan Document (adopted June 2011) and the Leegate Centre section of the Council's Site Allocations Document.
Click here to read the full position paper.